We built
    great labs.

It all begins here.

Contracting out your PK and PK-PD studies is a serious commitment.

Having high-quality results available on a timely basis is an essential part of adapting to the many hurdles that may arise throughout drug development.

And indeed, to meet this standard a lab must be equipped to thoughtfully plan, design, and carry out multiple studies simultaneously. Technical expertise will be a requirement to implement and analyze these studies, ranging from simple to state-of-the-art.

So why entrust your antimicrobial to an academic institution lacking in capacity or an industry lab without specialized expertise?

At the intersection of academia and industry.

We have created a fully-equipped antimicrobial PK-PD facility.

And we staffed it with first-class scientists to deliver results quickly and reliably — in so doing, we generate knowledge about your drug and minimize risk.

In fact, we perform...

  • Analytical drug assays
    Including Biological, Chemical (e.g., LC/MS-MS), and Protein Binding Assays
  • In vitro screening of candidate drugs for microbiologic activity and static time-kill studies
    Including Cell Culture, Drug Susceptibility, Mutation Frequency, and Plaque Assays
  • In vitro infection models
    Including One-Compartment Chemostat and Hollow Fiber
  • In vivo PK-PD infection models
    Including the most common translational models

Ultimately, infrastructure and expertise matter.